Drinking alkaline water, it keeps you healthy

Alkaline Water? Dad, how many types of water are we drinking?

We have been drinking distilled water, reverse osmosis water, and ozone water… which you told us is good water for drinking.

Mom, this is too much! Do I have to drink water made of alkaline?

Now the boys take it to classes and to work, and mum takes it to office, together with reverse osmosis water for her beauty equipments.

We talk to all our relatives and friends about the benefits of this drinking water and emphasize the alkaline-water-filter, to encourage them to drink more alkaline-water.

Today, we use this good water to mix all the juices and for cooking all soups.

Coffee and tea, and other beverage drinks taste better with this drinking water.

Free SiteSell E-books Ozone water is then used for washing all vegetables and all types of meat.You can see impurities floating on top of the water during this washing process.

About 40 years ago, in Russia, a Russian Scientist ran water through a magnetic charged plate and devise a method to of separating water into two streams, one alkaline and one acidic.

This process is called ionization

Ionization has been advance, and is now improved to a point, that now simple tap water can be transformed into living energized water.

Since then for the last 20 years, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese has been drinking energized water and using acidic water in hospitals to treat wounds

Acidic water is an antiseptic and beneficial for complexion to the skin.

This natural astringent heals wounds faster and helps clear acnes and is also a toner for beautiful skin

Marketing is very aggressive in North American markets today, with the introduction of this water filtration, from Japan and Korea, and the water, some call it miracle water.

Alkaline water is becoming a popular household word in this North American continent

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The Alkaline Water Blog
...is a journal about Alkaline Water.
Pure Water, drink what is called "water"
Pure water can be confusing, water is not.
Bottled Water Craze, drinking water of today's society
Bottled Water a product that fits our needs and our lifestyle
Acidic and Alkaline, food are commonly clasified alkaline and acidic
Acidic and alkaline, clearing up the confusion
Distilled Water Filter is drinking demineralize filter water
Distilled Water Filter, the closest thing to nature... rainfall!
Reverse Osmosis Filters
Reverse osmosis filters siminar name is pure water filters... giving you pure water
Ozone Water Purifiers
Ozone Water Purifiers... answer to ozonated water with three parts of oxygen (O3)
Ozone Pure Water
Ozone Pure Water, your health largely depends on the water you drink
Oxygenated Water
oxygenated water, for increase energy and performance
Office Water Dispenser, is drinking water made simple
Office water dispenser is for convenience of executives and staffs
Water Coolers
Water Coolers, answer to instant water
Water Fountains
Water fountains, survival in question mark?
Weight Loss
Weight loss with water, which water ? Is it alkaline water, distilled water, revese osmosis water or any water , and does it really works?
pH Weight Loss
pH weight loss is . . . getting rid of water retention
Body Hydration
Body Hydration means high level of performance for the body
Water Treatment
Water treatment system provides healthy drinking water by removing contaminants and chemicals
Fluoridated Water introduced to help healthy teeth looking good
Fluoridated water helps prevent cavities and decay when in direct contact with the tooth enamel
Chlorinated Water
Chlorinated water is efficient disinfectant, added to public water supplies to kill bacteria and viruses.
Shower Water Filters
Using shower water filters is becoming popular and the purpose is to lower the toxic and chlorine content in the water
Water Softeners
Water softeners works by replacing ions of the minerals that cause hard water with
Magnetic Water Softener . . . the chemical free way
Magnetic water softener consist of two water magnets attached to the piping system of you home to prevent hard water accumulating limescale.
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis water is acidic water
Distilled Water is demineralize water
Distilled water is pure water by steam vapor removing all solid
Clean Water is the key to good health
Clean water is the best drinking water, we drink everyday without question
Acidic Water, kill bacteria growing on food.
Acidic Water Benefits is what nobody ask. Here's a brief description of all the benefits you may want to know
H2O Water
H2O Drinking water ,.. what is it made of . . .
Ozone is widely recognised for its detoxifying affects upon the body.
Water Filter
Water filter is the answer to your concern of drinking water
Water Filters
Water filters the old fashion way
Acidosis comes from the word acid, too much acid in the body
Acidosis . . . ? what is it . . . ?
Cellfood is the ony formula that can nourish, clean and detoxifiy the cells!
Pur Water
Pur water, is a convenient way to water filter at home
Brita is the answer to your home solutions, if you are not willing to spend too much on water filters
pH balance
pH balance is between acidic and alkaline level
Chlorine and Baby Carrot
Chlorine and baby carrots you buy at glocery stores and supermarkets is an email sent to me awhile ago, which should be share with you
OKRA is a powerhouse of valuable nutrients, nearly half of which is soluble fiber in the form of gum's and pectin's
Kidney Stones
Kidney stones pain is compared to getting stabbed in the back with a sharp knife
Fruit is the most important food
If you are thinking about fruit, and the correct way of eating . . .
Heart Attack
A serious note you should know about heart attack
Body Water
Body water is what we are all about. alkaline water in body is important to help
Cell Food
CELL FOOD formula containing 78 minerals, 34 enzymes, and 17 amino acids.
Drinking Water
Drinking water can save your life, and drinking alkaline water can balance your body's acidity
Kangen Water
Kangen water? Yes you're looking for a brand of water ionizer, which is promoted through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).
Kangen, is a brand name for "water ionizer" that produce alkaline water know as kangen-water
Puer tea or pu erh tea
Puer tea or pu erh tea and sometimes spelled as pu er tea is a black tea
Lead in Water
Lead in water has a toxic effect on the brain, especially for young children whose brains are still developing
Watermelon is sweet and juicy, and is actually packed with some of the most important antioxidants in nature.
Coconut Water
Coconut water, alkaline water helps balance your body PH and reduce the risk of cancer
Acai Berry
Acai Berry benefits have been praised by numerous experts... So drink the berry juice to feel the benefits of as a supplement
Goji Berry
Goji berry and it's many virtues
Goji berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E.
Mangosteen is advertised and marketed as superfruits
Noni Juice
Noni juice is widely available as the juice or liquid concentrate. It can also be found in tablet and capsule form
OMX probiotic
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic also known as OMX probiotic acidophilus supplement can help in the production of some vitamins, like folic acid, niacin, and pyridoxine, which are all B group vitamins.
Bitter Melon
Bitter melon has been used for centuries by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to treat diabetes
Cancer Cure with Guyabano, the sour sop
Miraculour natural cancer cure with guyabano from the graviola tree
Guyabano or Cancer Cure is . . . The fruits of sour sop or graviola that helps to heal cancer.
Durian fruit and it's many benefits
Durian Fruit is the
Mulberry Fruit
Mulberry Fruit is grown in China. primary uses of the plant is for raising silkworms, which utilize the leaves as their main food source. The fruits are known in China as
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), a native of India, is widely used in asian cooking
Yumberry Fruit
Yumberry fruit contains the highest amounts of valuable antioxidant
Papaya Fruit
Papaya fruit is delicious fruit that can help to prevent heart disease and cancer
Red Dates Fruit
Red dates fruit or Red Date, also known as Chinese Date, is commonly called Jujube
Green Tea Secret
Green tea secret? What is it ... that is differet from other teas? What's so special about green tea?
Instant Noodle
Instant noodle are precooked noodles fused with oil, and often sold with a packet of flavoring and dried vegetables
Water Pollution
Water pollution is common
Taint Water
Taint water by Tons of released drugs
Pomegranate Fruit
pomegranate fruit is being touted as a miracle drug for aging
Avocado Fruit
Avocado fruit thinly sliced to become the fillings for several kinds of sushi
Daikon Radish Vegetable
Learn About Daikon Radish, Oriental Radish, Chinese Radish is a mild white radish shaped like a large carrot
Ultraviolet Filter
Ultraviolet Filter, water system are ideal for the removal of bacteria and viruses from your household drinking water
UV Filter
UV Filter or Ultraviolet Filter, water system are ideal for the removal of bacteria and viruses from your household drinking water
Drink Water
Drink water because the human body is about 70 percent water and cannot function properly
Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Tea is a fermented tea with medicinal properties
Kombucha Mushroom Tea
Kombucha Mushroom Tea is known to help remedy many different ailments!
Lychee Fruit
Lychee Fruit can be eaten fresh or dried, Lychees are delicious fruit which will add flavor to fruit salads
Dragon Fruit
Dragon fruit, an exotic alkaline food specially helpful for people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, tastes sweet and crunchy
Baby Carrots
Baby carrots are not really 'baby' carrots, but are carrots that have been trimmed down to a smaller size
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil and Mother's milk contain Lauric acid. Take advantage of it's natural support of immune system
Breast Milk
Breast milk contains lauric acid, is ultimately the best source of nutrition for a new born babies
Weight To Lose
Weight to lose safely and effectively without the pills, surgery and expensive programs. No diet plan and no diet food. . .
Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oil refers to oils extracted from corn, soybeans, peanuts, safflower seeds, rape seeds (for canola oil) and sunflower seeds
Healthy Cooking Oil
Healthy cooking oil knowledge: Learn which cooking oils are the best for healthy cooking... All manufacturers claim their own cooking oil are the best!
Lose Weight
Lose Weight - Learn and apply how to fast, Try one of these diets. They work, burn fat away and lose fat!
Metabolism with Coconut Oil
Metabolism is the energy (calories) the body burns to maintain itself. The body is constantly burning calories to keep itself going . . .
Cancer Healing
Dr.Tateishi’s Cancer Healing Formula
Burdock Root
Burdock are herbal remedies used as a "blood purifier" to clear the bloodstream of toxins, ...
Eye Health
Eye Health, an estimated 75percent of people don't consume enough lutein and zeaxanthin, and have poor macular health for their eyes
Brown Rice
Brown rice is a healthier option to white rice, a kind of whole, natural grain. It has a mild nutty flavor, is chewier and more nutritious
Soda Drinks
Soda drinks is most popular in housholds in north America
OMX probiotics
OMX probiotics by Dr Ohhira is a vegetarian probiotic that is hypoallergenic. It is dairy and gluten free probiotic
Water Contamination
Alarming New Study Points to Widespread Tap Water Contamination
Water Polution
Water Polution - Do you know what’s in your water..? Benzene
Ionized Alkaline Water
Ionized Alkaline Water has a naturally higher pH than regular water does
Water Supply
Water supply to all homes comes from
Acidity Body
Acidity body is a condition that weakens all body systems
Electrodialysis - Concentrates healthy minerals, rejects dangerous toxins
Coke is the choice of drink of most American ... the
Drinking water filter
Drinking water filter is mandatory for homes to keep drinking waters clean and free from dangerous contaminants
Ozone Water
Ozone water is oxygen water or oxygenated water. Good chemical free, drinking water for the family
Ozone Water Purifier
Ozone water purifier
OMX probiotics is vegetarian probiotics that is hypoallergenic. It is dairy and gluten free probiotics
Honey and Cinnamon
Honey and Cinnamon, a miracle mixture for YOU . . . Try it ! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose
Organic Argan Oil
Organic argan oil is from Morocco, consider a miraculous oil for skincare that helps nourish your skin
Ionized Water
Ionized water is an excellent source of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium
Hydration Facts: 75% of the body is made up of water, 80% of the brain is made up of water. Your body needs water and fluid
Magnetized Water
Drinking magnetized water is good for health and is the habit of people around the world to drinking more water
Magnetic Water
Magnetic water treatment development is very slow in the West
Tea Drinking
Tea Drinking is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring boiling hot water over cured leaves of the tea plant
Water Drinking
Water drinking on empty stomach
Longan Fruit
Longan Fruit is very sweet and juicy, and it can be eaten either raw, dry, or cooked.
Hydrogenated Oil
Hydrogenated Oil has been chemically modified to make it more stable
Contribute to Alkaline Water
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