Water fountains drinking are losing out, the 'bottle water' drinking population has taken over

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Water fountains today are losing in popularity and will be history.

Everybody used to queue up for the water to quench their thirst, in the malls and in school hallways.

Attached wall drinking fountains is the most common name and is wall mounted and connected to the building's tap water supply

Electricity in most cases run a refrigeration unit to cool the incoming water for a continuous supply of natural water

Some versions are freestanding floor models, in the parks, in zoos and flower gardens and tourist centers.

The survival of these units are in question?

In malls, a container at the back of the machine holds chilled water so customers to the mall does not have to wait for chilled water.

Tap water from the fountains are delivered by pressing a button and turns off, when released.

Water is delivered in a stream that arches up allowing the customers to drink directly from the top of the stream of water, not touching the pipe thus no infection on the piping

Fountains dispense natural water directly from the municipal water supply, without extra treatment or filtering

In the old good days, when there was no pollution, your don't see people carrying water bottles and everybody depends on the fountains for water

Today, consumers do not drink untreated water, or water directly from the tap

Water fountains will be a decorative attraction in the future, for serenity and beauty

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