Acidosis . . . over acidity of the blood plasma

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Acidosis is the result of our modern affluent lifestyle.

Emotional stress produces acidity in the body causing or showing a gradual deterioration in the structure of a body parts with a consequent loss of that body part’s ability to function

Emotional stress speed up the process of growing old faster

Daily intake of food addictive and chemical food produces ‘acids’ in the process of digestion.

Environmental pollution is also part of the cause of acidity for the body

This means blood acidity caused by excess of acid in the blood or a loss of bicarbonate from the blood, or by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood

Medical studies in the United States have identified the accumulation of acidic wastes in our body, acidosis as the underlying cause of degenerative diseases such as:

Cancer, High Blood Pressure,

Diabetes, Hypertension,

Kidney Problems, Arteriosclerosis,

Gout, Eczema, etc, and also hastens Aging process.

Try avoiding canned and processed food which contains too much sodium

Try changing your diet from eating less red meat to eating more fruits and vegetables, these are alkaline foods help to increase your pH

Drink seven to eight glasses of alkaline water to help wash out the acidity in the body and help balanced your body pH

Alkaline water provides more oxygen to the body compared to ordinary drinking water benefits of untreated water that some people drink daily.

When the body has more oxygen, you automatically increases energy and improve your capacity for aerobic activities.

Understanding and knowing that water made up to 74% of our brain, 83% of our blood and 75% of our muscles.

Drinking pH alkaline water is definitely necessary for helping delivery services to every system in our body

pH alkaline water can be a fountain of health for all of us.

Drinking water benefits every part of the human body function.

Water regulates our body temperature, and removes acid wastes from our body.

It carries much-needed oxygen and nutrients to all our cells.

Alkaline water definitely helps alleviates the burden on our stressed kidneys and liver.

It cushions our joints, and prevents chronic constipation.

On average, most adults lose approximately 8 to 10 cups of fluid daily through sweating, urinating and bowel movements

Half cup of water, every half hour should be good enough to replace the lost fluid.

The exact amount of water you need depends on a number of things: food consumption, your activity level, the dry weather and any medications.

Acidosis is said to occur when arterial "pH falls below 7.35", with too much tissue acid waste in the body

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