Mulberry fruit, consume as juice enhance immunity and balance internal secretions

Mulberry fruit taste sweet, but a richer flavor develops if the fruit is dried

Regular consumption of mulberry strengthens eyesight

Dry eyes because of straying their eyes in computer nature of work must drink mulberry juice, which helps strengthen sight.

* It promotes and nourish body fluid production when taken daily

* Presence of nutritious elements like minerals and vitamins in mulberry helps in chronic diseases.

* Mulberry is helpful for proper gastric juice secretion.

* Regular intake of mulberry juice enhances appetite, and improves the ability for digesting and assimilating.

* Mulberry could be used to fight problems like chronic gastritis and chronic hepatitis.

* Regular consumption of mulberry juice would be helpful in health problems like anemia, pallor, dizziness, heart-palpitations and insomnia.

* Persons with graying hair can also get benefited by regular intake of mulberry juice.

* Mulberry juice applied directly on head also promotes healthy growth of hair and blackening.

* Nutritious value of mulberry juice enriches the blood and in the process, soothes the nerves.

* Mulberry helps in containing hypertension.

* Regular intake strengthens liver and kidney.

* Mulberry is helpful in treating constipation.

* Mulberry is instrumental in eliminating abdominal distention.

* Intake of mulberry juice after any surgery is restorative.

* Mulberry is helpful in recuperating after long-time sickness.

* Consumption of mulberry juice after childbirth is good for women’s health.

* Use of mulberry keeps low cholesterol level in the body.

* Mulberry can suppress mutagenesis of carcinogens.

* Regular use of Mulberry prevents cancer of liver.

* Mulberry is helpful in reducing level of blood sugar.

Mulberry fruit is nourishing tonic medicine that can be used to help some debility symptoms, when mixed with other restoratives

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