Water coolers are providing instant cold and hot drinking water, for the offices and workplace.

Water coolers are

popular in most office surroundings and small retail centers.

It has been so popular that most office staffs cannot go without it, unless you are a coffee and tea drinker.

Office coolers are normally free-standing design, involves bottles of water placed spout-down into the dispensing machine.

Delivery water usually comes using 5 gallon bottles or most standard sizes of 18.9 liters.

Water vendors normally delivers these treated water bottles to the office once a week.

Treated water are normally distilled water or reverse osmosis water from the warehouse or factories

Most residence normally re-filled their filtered water bottles personally from the water companies or some groceries stores.

Delivery to homes are very rare as the requirements are low, usually one to two bottles.

New residential homes would prefer the latest open door model of sliding the delivery water jug into the bottom of the machine up-right, and connect the patented suction system.

This cooler is easy to handle for mothers, instead of lifting the heavy bottle.

Accidents do happen when lifting the heavy bottles

Water is easily available when you want it, no messy water all over the floor.

This filtered water usually comes with two separate faucets--one gives you instant access to cold water for drinking, and the other gives you instant access to hot water

The reason why water is at your disposal is . . .

The human body needs 55% to 78% water depending on body size.

A rule of thumb, 2/3 of body is consists of water, and it is the main component of human body.

Did you know that your tissues and organs are mainly made up of water?

* Muscle consists of 75% water

* Brain consists of 90% of water

* Bone consists of 22% of water

* Blood consists of 83% water

Distilled water, reverse osmosis or fountain water are the most common for water coolers

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