Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionized Alkaline Water helps kidneys function better

Metabolic acidosis has been linked to the progression of many diseases and some research suggests that it can accelerate the damages to tissues that are associated with aging.

An analysis of studies conducted on the effect of age on metabolic acidosis shows that the body becomes progressively more acidic as we age.

The authors of a study titled: Age and systemic acid-base equilibrium: analysis of published data evaluated the results of previous studies which reported on the levels of Hydrogen Ions (H+) in the blood of people from age 20 to 100, and found that, after age 40, levels of acid-forming H+ ions increased rapidly

The study authors speculated that progressively worsening metabolic acidosis is likely a product of declining kidney function as age increases

The Acid/Alkaline Balancing act

Under normal circumstances, the body uses two methods to counter metabolic acidosis and maintain the blood pH in a narrow range of 7.35 – 7.45

One factor that can cause metabolic acidosis is a buildup of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the blood

The lungs are used to counteract excess CO2 which is normally produced by the body’s metabolic processes

The most common cause of CO2 build up is exercise, and the body responds by increasing the breathing rate which allows the lungs to expel the excess CO2 and maintain the proper blood pH balance

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Metabolic acidosis caused by diet is marked by a buildup of acid-forming hydrogen ions in the blood.

The kidneys respond to this by producing bicarbonate (HCO3) which is released into the bloodstream to counteract the hydrogen ions.

The kidneys can also act to reduce levels of hydrogen ions in the blood by expelling them in the urine.

Both pH balancing systems normally work together as well

The products of both systems combine to form carbonic acid (H2CO3) which can be broken down to form both hydrogen ions, and bicarbonate, based on what the body needs at the time.

In a normal healthy body, these two systems work to maintain the blood pH balance

The Impact of Declining Kidney Function

As we age, the ability of the kidneys to regulate metabolic acidosis declines, as a result, there is less bicarbonate produced by the kidneys to counteract metabolic acidosis.

Since bicarbonates are needed to counteract the acidifying effects of hydrogen ions, a low-grade metabolic acidosis can occur.

One way the body responds to the problem is to tap into another source of bicarbonates, the bones

Some research has suggested that the body’s use of bone-based bicarbonates to balance blood pH may contribute significantly to osteoporosis

Alkalinity to the Rescue!

Research conducted over the last few decades (mostly in Japan) indicates that one way to counteract the increase in metabolic acidosis brought on by declining kidney function is to provide more alkalinity in the diet

Medical experts believe that by lowering the renal acid load – amount of acid that must be neutralized by the kidneys – metabolic acidosis can be reduced or avoided

Research suggests that ionized alkaline water can help as well

Alkaline water contains negatively charged Hydroxyl ions (OH-) which when combined with hydrogen ions (H+) will form water (H2O).

Ionized alkaline water has a naturally higher pH than regular water does as well, and any chemist can tell you that the way to neutralize an acid is to add an alkaline to it

While conclusive medical studies of the effect of ionized alkaline water in the body have yet to be conducted, health experts point out the fact that alkaline water has shown a statistically significant ability to help maintain bone health

Ionized alkaline water, some experts believe, helps prevent metabolic acidosis, which alleviates the body’s need to rob the bones of bicarbonates in order to fend off metabolic acidosis

Drink ionized alkaline water, it helps in improving your overall health

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