Durian Fruit: the stinky King of Fruits

Durian Fruit is an exotic, expensive, and seasonal fruit that has rich content of phytonutrients, antioxidant, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Durian has high calories and carbohydrate (good source of energy).

Main ingredients are Organosulfur Compounds and Tryptophan, and other healthy components like dietary fiber and protein.

Durian fruit have no cholesterol.

Many folk medications use durian’s leaves and roots to treat fever.

The Organosulfur has these benefits:

* inhibit the formation of blood clots, thus prevent from heart attack and stroke.

* control the inflammatory enzymes, thus also prevent from cardiovascular disease.

* act as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial.

* help you get good complexion, healthy hair, glowing skin, better brain function.

* treat muscles soreness, enhance balance blood sugar, reduce stiffness and pain, and improve joint flexibility.

The tryptophan or L-Tryptophan has the following benefits

* treat anxiety, bulimia, depression, insomnia, migraine, nightmares, compulsive disorder, and stress.

* help you get better sleep, especially if you take some calcium with it.

* help the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorder, premenstrual syndrome, suicidal related depression, and pain release.

Westerners hate the smell of durian fruit, while Asians just love it

Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippine, are main growers of durians.

There are hundreds variants of durians, but only some are heavily planted and sold.

Always choose the big, fresh, fully ripen, and have solid stems.

It is usually fully ripen in 2 to 4 days after falling from the tree, the best time to enjoy the durian.

Health Benefits of Durian Fruit

* Raises serotonin levels. . . creates an over-all sense of well being and aids in depression.

* It has a high amount of protein and amino acids (22 of 24)

* Good for muscle building and organ function.

* High in antioxidants. . .

* Anti-aging benefits including enhancing the appearance of your skin.

* has the most complete nutritional profile of any fruit

* It has the most complete nutritional profile of any fruit

* It is power packed with nutrients, including essential fatty acids and organo-sulfur compounds

* increased energy, endurance, mental clarity, and cellular health.

* enhances libido. . . helps revitalize the desire for sexual intimacy

* anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, Thermogenic, calms fever, aids healing of swelling and skin diseases

According to David Wolf’s “Eating for Beauty”

“Durian contains high levels of tryptophan.

This is an amino acid and a tryptamine (similar to serotonin, melatonin, and DMT).

Researchers have discovered that tryptophan helps both anxious, depressed, repressed people, as well as insomniacs.

Tryptophan works by raising serotonin levels in the brain.

When serotonin levels increase, a euphoric feeling is felt as a free passage is cleared for nerve impulses to travel.

Durian is such a strong blood cleaner that eating durian changes the odor of urine (urine is filtered out of blood).

What gives durian its strongest beautifying characteristics is its high concentration of raw oleic fats (and vitamin E), sulphur compounds, and soft proteins.

Durian actually contains one of the highest concentrations of protein of any fruit, making it an excellent muscle builder.

Organic sulfurcompounds among other properties in durian are very cleansing for the body.

Durian provides “more concentrated healthful energy in food form than any other product the world affords”

Durians keep the body vigorous and tireless; the mind alert with faculties undimmed; the spirit youthful.

Durian fruit is the most complete nutritional profile of any fruits

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