Magnetic water softener, provides the effect of soft water in a safe and natural manner

Magnetic water softener are a relatively new to the general public.

When hard water passes through a magnetic field, the calcium and magnesium ion's are altered and they loose their ability to cause lime scale.

The magnetic systems don't technically "soften" hard water.

Magnetic water, although not technically soft, has the useful properties of soft water and it won't cause lime scale in your pipes, therefore increasing heating efficiency and extending the lifespan of water using appliances.

Calcium and magnesium are important dietary element, so the fact that magnetic water still retains its calcium and magnesium content is an added benefit for drinking.

Powerful water magnets are easy to install.

You don't need skills, special knowledge or tools.

Simple process: just two units clamped together to the water pipes.

Just clamped one set to the pipe of incoming hard water to the household and a second water magnets to the hot water heater outgoing or exit pipe.

Magnetic field changes the water's molecular structure which reduces the size of the water molecules.

This reduced water molecules makes the water feel softer and behave like soft water.

In this process, removed limescale from your plumbing, appliances and fixtures, saving time cleaning, and money on fuel to heat your water.

The magnetic influence will caused the mineral limescale buildup in your household piping to dissolve overtime

Magnetically treated water is more widely (has been) used in Europe and Asia for many years.

Based on Nature's law most Magnets have two poles, North and South.

Every cell in the human body can be viewed as a small magnetic unit.

This property is present in all organs.

Each cell produces its own magnetic field.

Any disturbance in this magnetic field indicates a disorder.

This equilibrium can be restored with the help of magnets, according to many researchers. Water that comes from wells, lakes, or running streams is naturally charged as it flows through the earth’s magnetic field.

During the water treatment and transportation phase, this water passes underneath the ground through metallic pipes where the charge dissipates.

Therefore, when water is treated with magnetic fields, the natural energy and balance are restored providing greater overall health.

Magnetic water softener needs no maintainance, once installed, are guaranteed for life

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