Electrodialysis is to ionize the minerals found in water

Electrodialysis uses a special membrane that divides water into alkaline water and acidic water during electrolysis by allowing mineral ions to pass through it

This process separates essential dietary minerals like calcium and magnesium on the alkaline water side, and rejects unhealthy toxic minerals on the acidic side

Alkaline Water Ionizers uses this process which is related to electrolysis – to ionize the minerals found in water; this is why there are two streams of water produced by a water ionizer

It is a medically-accepted fact that we need minerals in our diet to maintain good health, and there are studies which show that you can get useful amounts of essential minerals from water

The problem with most water, however, is that it is a mixture of healthy and unhealthy minerals

Alkaline Water ionizers solve the problem of unhealthy water in two important ways:

Filtration – Reduces the presence of harmful substances

Electrodialysis – Concentrates healthy minerals, rejects dangerous toxins

Most essential dietary mineral ions have a positive charge; this is why they are drawn to the negatively-charged alkaline output side of a water ionizer

If they are present in your source water, you can expect to get these essential minerals by drinking water made by an ionizer:

Ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to provides useful levels of many of these minerals:

Calcium = Ca2+

Magnesium = Mg2+

Iron = Fe3+

Sodium = Na+

Zinc = Zn2+

Copper = Cu+ or Cu2+

Potassium = K+

Molybdenum = Mo+

Manganese = Mn2+

Alkaline water supplied by an ionizer using the process called electrodialysis will contain small amounts of each of the above minerals if they are in your source water

You won't get the full US Recommended Daily Intake of minerals like calcium, magnesium or sodium, but you will get useful amounts of them.

However – if they are found in your source water – you can get enough of the recommended trace minerals listed above.

One of those minerals – manganese – is a very powerful antioxidant, and you only need a tiny amount!

Manganese – The Antioxidant Mineral in Alkaline Water

One of the essential dietary trace minerals commonly found in water is manganese

You only need tiny amounts of manganese daily, and if it is present in your source water, you can get enough by drinking alkaline water from an ionizer.

The manganese ion is medically-recognized as essential for detoxification of free radicals

Most water supplies in the United States are considered to be "hard" which means that those water supplies will have an abundance of minerals

Antioxidants are best when taken fresh

Manganese ions are a proven free radical scavenger – they have proven antioxidant effects

If manganese is present in your source water, a water ionizer will ionize it and concentrate it

But make sure you drink it quickly! The antioxidant ions begin to fade in as little as 24 hours.

Antioxidant ions don't keep; this is why supplements found in stores have a shelf life.

Oftentimes, store bought antioxidants have low potency for this reason.

The best way to make sure you are getting antioxidants is to consume them while they are still fresh.

This is why a water ionizer may be the best way to get antioxidant manganese ions in your diet

You are assured that the antioxidants in your alkaline water are fresh every time you turn on the alkaline water ionizer

According to research performed by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) food alone is unlikely to supply all of the minerals you need.

The ADA analyzed 70 different diets, including diets that are widely believed to supply adequate nutrients

Astonishingly, the ADA concluded that none of them provided adequate levels of micro nutrients – including the essential minerals found in alkaline ionized mineral water!

While a water ionizer may not supply all of the minerals you need on a daily basis, it will supply additional minerals that your diet may not provide enough of.

Thanks to the electrodialysis process used by ionizers, you can get useful levels of essential minerals in every glass of water you drink

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