Distilled water filter, the evaporation and condessation of water... what we called rainwater

Distilled water filter is a process that uses

heat as a source, to vaporize water and separate water from contaminants and other undesirable elements commonly found in tap water.

Distilled water systems heats untreated tap water to its boiling point, and water begins to vaporize into steam.

This process, at the same time separates the water molecules from microscopic, disease-causing organisms.

The tap water will vaporized, the vapor is then led into a condenser. In the condenser the vapor will cool and upon cooling, reverts to the liquid form "water" and runs into a receiving container for storage.

From the storage container, it is distributed to the household as pure clean water

The remaining unwanted elements, whose boiling point was too high to permit vaporization, remain in the original container and constitute the sediment for disposal.

This container needs to be cleaned when too much sediments gather, this is to prevent blockage and damage of equipments. Regular cleaning of apparatus are necessary if your area has hard water

Distilled Water systems is extremely effective in removing of bacterias and excellent for used in areas at high risk of waterborne diseases.

Distillation also removes soluble minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous that may harden water and increase the occurrence of scaling.

Distilled water is pure water and is used in applications where purity of water is very necessary

Distilled water, can flush out minerals such as calcium and magnesium out of the body tissue

Sodas are mostly made using distilled water, consumption of which contributes to ridding the body of essential minerals

The mineral sucking property of distilled water can contribute to osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure

Watch out when drinking distilled water

Distilled water filter produces what some people called pure clean water

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