Distilled water... is steam vapor producing pure water having a low oxygen content and is also considered acidic water

Distilled water from distillers

removed bacterias, minerals, trace amounts of metals, many volatile organic chemicals and nitrate.

Steam vapor water removed: Bacteria, Lead, Nitrate, Sodium Chloride, Organic Chemicals, and many Pesticides.

This pure water is largely confined to science laboratories hospitals and printing industries.

Pure water is excellent for producing alcoholic beverages like whisky and vodka

Many beverage manufacturers used steam vapor water to ensure a drink's purity and taste.

Distillation pure water also removes soluble minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous that may harden water and increase the occurrence of scaling on your household piping.

Finally, steam water, like reverse osmosis, strips water of natural trace elements.

When these elements are removed from water, the hydrogen composition becomes greater in proportion, making the water very acidic.

Pure water is not healthy water.

Pure water is steam water and can be used to top up car batteries etc., but it is not for drinking - it does not make us healthy.

It does not provide the energy and minerals we need to rebuild our body on a daily basis.

Even fish cannot live in pure (distilled) water.

Long-term consumption of such de-mineralized water or acidic water can result in mineral deficiencies in the body.

It takes four hours to distill one gallon of water.

Distilled Filter system is extremely effective in removing of bacterias and excellent for used in areas at high risk of waterborne diseases.

Distillation removes soluble minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous in harden water

Distilled pure water and is used in applications where purity of water is very necessary

Distilled pure Water, can flush out minerals such as calcium and magnesium out of the body tissue

Sodas are mostly made using distilled pure water, consumption of which contributes to removing the body of essential minerals

The mineral sucking property of distilled pure water can contribute to osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure

Watch out when drinking distilled pure water

When distilled water combines with air it pulls carbon dioxide out of the air making water, acidic water

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