Weight loss by drinking more water..., this prevent overeating, and benefiting fat loss

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Weight loss

with alkaline water? You mean alkaline water plays such an important part in weight control

Let's understand first how the body works and what losing weight is all about.

The kidneys works jointly with the liver, which needs plenty of water.

The kidneys can't function properly without sufficient water.

By drinking more alkaline water your kidneys will be stimulated, helping to reduce water retention. Why? Because alkaline water contains smaller molecule cluster which helps the body assimilate faster.

The primary functions of the liver is to metabolize fat into energy for the body and helps rid of body waste, causing fat loss.

Insufficient pH water supply to the kidneys means the liver cannot work as it should, "metabolize fat" and this causes weight gain.

The liver should be processing "stored fats" into energy, in this process helping the body to lose weight in terms of fat loss

When we drink water that contains chemicals like chlorine‚ lead or agricultural and industrial pollutants‚ the kidneys and liver have to work so hard filtering contaminants, instead of processing fat into energy.

Studies have shown a link between consuming chlorinated water and thyroid dysfunction, leading to weight gain.

Acidic water is also bad for weight, avoid it

The best is alkaline water to reduce your body’s acidity, which aids in weight loss.

The quality of the water we drink also greatly impacts our body‘s ability to achieve or maintain a certain weight.

Water suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.

This body we dressed up everyday is important, and the weight on it, is also important. The question is whether we want to lose weight or not.

Sure you love coffee, we all do. Drink your coffee and your other beverages drinks, nobody is stopping you from your favorite drinks

But make sure when you are not having your favorite coffee, you must drink more glasses of alkaline water

Never forget, that an "extra glass of alkaline water", means it's helping you in your weight lose program

Weight loss is an option of self-displine, only you can act on it.

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