Ozone is an unstable, but highly beneficial molecule.

Ozone water is

highly beneficial for the healthy people and people who are not healthy and sick.

It should be consumed regularly.

This Water provides more oxygen to the brain for greater alertness and mental clarity.

This Water will oxidize pathogens(minimizes the risk of disease)

Ozonated Water synthetics residues in the body, allowing their complete elimination through excretion.

Here is a list of the major benefits of ozonated water:

* Provides energy

* Is a superb detoxification

* Purifies the blood of some microbes

* Stops the spreading of cancer (the main benefit)

* Helps the immune system by providing it oxygen singlets

* Kills some cancer cells (not strong enough to be a treatment)

* Oxidizes and destroys oils and other contaminants in water.

* Will not irritate skin, nose, or ears, nor will it dry out or leave a chemical film on skin.

This Water is tri-atomic form of oxygen. instead of the normal arrangement of 2 atoms of oxygen (O2)

This Water comprised of 3 atoms of oxygen 02 + 01 = (O3).

The best way to get oxygen singlets into the blood is to get (O3) into the blood.

It doesn't stay in that tri-atomic state very long (30 minutes),it will usually break down from O3 to O2 within 30 minutes

Even after it breaks down, it's still purified water, only without the third part (03)

Three of the most common methods of producing ozone include

1) ultraviolet light,

2) cold plasma, and

3) corona discharge (hot spark).

Ultraviolet and cold plasma are commonly used in therapeutic applications.

> Ultraviolet is useful when you want to produce a slow, steady stream of water, and

> cold plasma can produce greater quantities within a shorter period of time

Corona discharge was originally designed for industrial use

The demand has made it available for home or personal use

Corona discharge generators are considered the best for producing medical-grade water

Ozone is tri atomic oxygen. ( 03 )

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