Office water dispenser is touch button for drinking enough water for the day

Office water dispenser now utilizes the latest

technologies, directly hooked up to your tap water line for a continuous water supply for the whole office

Bottle-less chilled water dispenser offers a healthy alternative to bottled water. Now you have access to instant clean drinking water, fresh and filtered

You'll also enjoy the benefits of chlorine free drinking water. With a bottle-less water dispenser, you'll never have to change heavy jugs of water or worry about bottle storage.

The older model dispenser, is making way for the new models. Ladies always have a problem lifting the heavy bottle, and male colleagues are the helping hands for changing bottles

This new water dispensers called bottle-less water coolers also offer choices of water temperature; cold water, room temperature water or hot water with the touch of a button.

Hot water makes is easy for coffee and tea and cold water to quench your thirst

Bottle-less water coolers are becoming a great choice for offices, factories, homes, medical centers, customer reception areas, beauty salons, and retail outlets

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Bottle-less water coolers are easy to install, just hooked up to a water supply

There are few types of water dispensers around

The Reverse Osmosis System is the perfect solution for removing both contaminates and a large percentage of minerals from the water.

The Ultra Violet (UV) light is extremely effective in its ability to neutralize and effectively kill bacteria in the municipally treated water supply

Make sure you install the advanced, multi-staged purification system for your office

Multi-staged purification will reduce almost all the contaminates in the drinking water

This includes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, voc's, pesticides, bad tastes, odors and particles as small as 1 micron in size including cryptosporidium and giardia cyst.

The multi-staged purification system is one of the most popular system because

It has the ability to remove the bad contaminates and heavy metals while leaving behind the beneficial hydrating minerals required by the human body

Office water dispenser provides convenience to busy working associates

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