Ozone Water is chemical free drinking water

Ozone water is a new and unheard of drinking water

Most families have a daily struggle over drinking water

Newer fridge comes with a filtered water dispenser, the filter last maybe 2 months (short time flame) before the water starts tasting BAD again.

In places where water is hard, and smelly, and icky, it's just unbearable to drink the tap water !

So what do they do?

Most families use bottled as an alternative.

Most people hate using bottled water!

It's more for convenience and a fashion for teens in colleges and universities

Most households use the big gallons of water jug from the convenience stores and water stores, and use it for everything from coffee and tea, to filling bottles for outings

We know that bottled water still comes out of a tap somewhere and it is reverse osmosis water or distilled water

Most families, for convenience buy a simple water filter to attache it to the faucet taps or pitcher filters

Reverse osmosis filters can be quite expensive so are distilled water filters

Ozone drinking water is healthy, clean, great-tasting water

Ozone Pure Water is a very powerful bactericide

It is one of the best disinfectant in water purification systems and used in many applications worldwide.

Ozone instantly destroys other germs, viruses and bacteria and eliminates odors

Ozone leaves no harmful chemical residues as other disinfectants such as chlorine, and is 3000 times more effective disinfectant than chlorine

Ozone is the natural way of disinfectants

Ozone kills bacteria and viruses such as E-coli, Giardia, cryptosporidium, coliforme, parasites, cysts

Ozone in water oxidizes harmful chemicals in water such as chlorine, nitrates, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, phosphate, arsenic, gasoline and by-products to a non-harmful residue

Ozone is healthy, helps external uses such as destroying cysts, yeast and fungus

Ozone in water leaves no chemical by-products, leaves no chemical taste or smell.

It rids water and air of unhealthy micro-organisms.

Ozone pure water, always keeps your water pure and fresh.

Ozone water purifier is more efforable compared to alkaline water purifier

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First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

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