Reverse osmosis filters... is pure water filters... technology from the submarines... for production of pure water

Reverse osmosis filters involve

fine porous membrane and is effective in removing substances larger than water molecules, such as dirt, rust and sand particles, and other sediments.

Most minerals like calcium and magnesium, including salt, lead and iron, are washed out in the drain, when going through the pure water filters, only allowing relatively pure water to pass through.

This pure water filter will also remove some chemical components of drinking water, such as chloride and the dangerous fluoride.

The purewater will go through a final stage of carbon filters to improve the color, taste and properties of the water.

Pure water is collected on the low pressure side of the filter membrane.

Pure water filters are mostly designed to be installed beneath the kitchen sink, with storage of the pure drinking water in a small reservoir tank, waiting to be dispensed directly through a faucet for drinking and cooking.

Pure water filter wastes three gallons of water to produce one gallon of pure water.

Action must be taken to replace the filters (membrane replacement) every six months or whatever the specification required, to prevent accumulation of impurities and disease causing viruses.

Most premium bottle company uses this pure drinking water which are basically reverse osmosis water.

Make sure your bodies are properly hydrated to stay healthy

Fluids from beverages and foods make up our body's primary source of water

Fluids are needed to control body temperature and transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to our cells

The body is constantly losing water through breathing, perspiring and urinating

The body needs to replace these fluids to stay hydrated and healthy

Reverse osmosis filters need regular maintenance for optimal operation, to ensure the quality of the pure water

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