Goji Berry is nutritionally rich, and delicious tasting with no preservatives.

Goji berry is also called the ‘happy berry’ or the ‘smiling berry’.

People who consumed this berry feel good about themselves

The benefits that is expect from this happy berries are cell rejuvenation or anti-aging, anti-germ protection, and enhance sexual desire and pleasure

The ingredients found in this berry, called poly-sachharide, is an anti-aging agent which helps to keep you young

Poly-sachharide triggers and boosts the production of growth hormones that in turn rejuvenates the cells, keeping them supple and young.

The berry has an excellent anti-infection property as well.

The amino acids present in this wonder berry boosts the functioning of the white cells, making it impossible for anyone to catch the flu and other viruses that are air and water borne.

This happy berry prevents and controls diabetes and lowers the blood cholesterol, among the many wonder properties

Few people know about the improvement of sexual desire that the berry can enhance

Women who have been menopausal, turned down sex ever so often should continuously consume the berries and experience a return in their desire for sex

The goji berry plant is normally grown in Tibet, Mongolia and China.

Goji-berry is often confused with wolfberry plant.

These two plants look similar and have similar fruits

Goji-berry plant bears sweet and juicy fruits

Wolfberry is slightly bitter and dry in taste

The goji-berry plant is a very easy plant that will grow in almost any type of soil and climate.

This plant was found to fight extremes of cold and heat such as -15 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer.

Goji-berry plant thrives in well-drained soil, it will grow in any types of soil

This plant loves the sun and it will always give you a better yield if planted in full sunlight.

The plant grows slowly and it will start bearing fruit from the second year onwards.

It can reach up to eight to ten feet tall.

The flowers of the goji-berry plant are usually of two colors, purple and white and they flower together on one tree.

The flowers become fruit in the course of the late summer and you will be able to see the beautiful bright red berries all over the plant.

The fresh goji-berries are exceptionally sweet and tasty.

Goji-berries are harvested by shaking the plant and collecting the berries on a mat, or by collecting them with the help of sterile gloves.

According to the Tibetan Medical College, goji berry.

* Will help you develop a stronger immune system, which means better resistance to illness

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* Has anti-aging properties

* Will help you guard against cancer

* Brightens and improves your eyesight

* Nourishes your liver and kidneys

* Normalizes your blood pressure and blood sugar levels

* Assists with weight loss

* Lowers your cholesterol

* Slows hair loss and graying

* Rejuvenates your mind, your body, and your spirit

* Increased fat burning

* Better sleep

* Reduction of food craving

* Increases secretion of HIGH " youth hormone"

In fact, an old Chinese proverb cautions men who are traveling far from their wives and families:

"He who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat Goji!”

Goji can markedly increase libido in BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.*

Goji Berry Juice is becoming popular with time, find out the many benefits by drinking the many goji juice in the markets today

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