Kombucha Tea is a popular health promoting beverage and natural remedy tea

Kombucha Tea is known to help remedy many different ailments!

The first recorded mention of the tea was in China in the year 221 BC where it was known as "the Tea of Immortality"

Today KombuchaTea is gaining popularity in the United States.

This ancient and venerated tea is made using a "Kombucha mushroom" placed into a batch of regular green or black tea

The tea begins to ferment and in seven (7) to nine (9) days, it is ready to drink.

During this time a second Kombucha mushroom grows on the surface of the tea, this new mushroom is later used to make your next batch of tea.

Each time you make a batch of KombuchaTea a new mushroom is produced.

Because of the this fast reproductive cycle you can have an endless supply of this incredible tea for FREE!

Kombucha tea is made by adding the colony to sugar (preferable brow sugar / rock sugar) with black or green tea and allowing the mix, to ferment in a glass container

Often referred to as a mushroom, Kombucha is a colony of bacteria and yeast.

The resulting beverage contains vinegar, is loaded with protein, B-complex vitamins, amino and other vital health promoting acids,

The tea serves to improve metabolism and assimilation and acts to detoxify and purify the entire body.

Health benefits attributed to Kombucha include stimulating the immune system, preventing cancer, and improving digestion and liver function.

This tea, which has been used for generations is reported to have miraculous healing properties for conditions ranging from cancer and Parkinson's disease to hair loss and other symptoms of aging.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is often imbibed for medicinal purposes.

KombuchaTea is commonly prepared by taking a starter sample from an existing culture and growing a new colony in a fresh jar.

The Food and Drug Administration cautions that the risk of contamination is high because KombuchaTea is often brewed in homes under non-sterile conditions.

The Kombucha Tea is healthy and refreshing, and has been a popular health promoting beverage and natural remedy made by fermenting tea

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