OMX probiotics are defined as organisms and substances that contribute to the intestinal microbial balance

OMX Probiotics by Dr. Ohhira is a naturally fermented concentrate of 7 Wild fruits, 2 Herbs and 2 Seaweeds, gathered from the cold mountain regions of Okayama, Japan and allowed to ferment with mountain spring water

It has no GMO (genetically modified organism) and is a bovine free probiotic product formulated by acclaimed Japanese microbiologist Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D. and his team of research scientists from Okayama University in Japan.

The fermentation process is scientifically-monitored for three to five years at a low temperature, in a natural, non-polluted environment

This process follows the normal seasonal fluctuations in weather conditions.

12 Types of friendly Lactic Acid Bacteria, 18 Amino Acids, 9 Vitamins and 5 Minerals.

Bacteria represent an integral part of the intestinal system throughout the lifetime of a person

They start to reside in the gastrointestinal tract (gut) of a baby as it passes through the birth canal

Breast Feeding by mothers provide additional friendly bacteria to a child

As an adult, there are over 400 different species with a total population of 100 trillion bacteria (approximately ten times more than the number of human cells in the body) present in our "intestinal microflora" - Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira.

The bacteria which colonize our bodies may be maintained between good bacteria (85%) and bad bacteria (15%) is necessary to support the normal processes of the body.

This delicate balance is disrupted by these factors:-

• Widespread and excessive use of antibiotics which destroy good bacteria as well as the bad

• Common pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. birth control pill, antacids, antihistamines, and pain relievers) as well as social drugs (e.g. alcohol and smoking) upset this balance

• Dramatic change in our diet from the traditional home made meals to the high-sugar, high-fat, junk food of modern day.

• These highly processed foods provide little or no nutritional value and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

• Chemical contamination of our food, especially meat and other animal products which are often laced with residues of hormones and antibiotics.

• Modern technology and environmental hazards. These include household, workplace and other environmental chemicals.

• Modern-day stress plays a vital role in adversely affecting the internal balance of bacteria in our intestines.

• Stress may be any factor - e.g. difficulties at work, arguments at home, worries about financial issues, being in a hurry, lack of sleep, etc. - to mention just a few.

• As a result of stress the function and efficiency of our digestive processes are altered.

• The combined effect of these external factors leads to an imbalance of our internal "intestinal microflora", resulting in a variety of problems.

• As good bacteria, most of which are lactic acid bacteria, are critical in maintaining the correct balance of our "intestinal microflora", the consumption of OMX probiotics are important in supporting the balance of the human body

OMX probiotics is recommended to be consumed on a daily basis to ensures a constant supply of friendly lactic acid bacteria (both the permanent and transient types) in our intestines

Nutrition, internal nourishment and internal balance should be an ongoing commitment for our general well-being; the general state of our body/mind should best indicate by how often and how much OMX probiotic we continue to take

OMX probiotic is a totally natural product made from natural ingredients, with no artificial chemicals, additives, preservatives or coloring.

OMX probiotics has been developed and tested to exacting standards, to exceed the demands of the consumer

Thus, it fulfills the requirements of the "Food Standards Code" which was developed by the Natural Food Administration and administered by each State Health Department.

OMX probiotic capsules have been defined by the National Food Authority as a miscellaneous food regulated by Standard S1 of the food code and also presented to all the Health Departments of each State and Territory of Australia

We are actually exposed to live bacteria from birth

Infants acquire friendly bacteria as they pass through the birth canal

Breast feeding further allows the fermentation of more friendly bacteria such as bifido and lactobacillus.

OMX probiotics serving should be is 2 to 4 capsules per day, taken with water on an empty stomach

OMX probiotics may be chewed for those with gastric problems

It's your choice - good nutrition is all about how you feel and what's right for your body

For children that are not able to swallow the capsule, snip the tip of the capsule and squeeze out the paste for consumption

OMX probiotics can be consumed this way, if your are experiencing sore or irritated throat.

The quality of OMX capsules is guaranteed for two (2) years from the date of production for storage at room temperature (lower than 20oC or 70oF).

Putrefactive bacteria in OMX have less chance to grow in the capsule because they always repeat their fermentation within the supernatant

OMX probiotics does not putrefy (decay or rot and produce a fetid smell)

Since the lactic acid bacteria in the capsule is alive, the period whereby the proteolytic activity of the bacteria is at its' maximum is 2 years.

When OMX is stored in a cool and dark place (ex. refrigerator) and out of direct sunlight, OMX can be active for a longer period

When you start consuming OMX, various physical changes will appear

Some people experience symptoms such as softer feaces, harder feaces, tiredness, rashes, bloating, gas, headaches etc.

This healing crisis is known as Herxheimer Reaction

These reactions are positive signs that the body is ridding itself of harmful organisms and toxins that were accumulated in the body.

The appearance/intensity of these temporary reactions varies from person to person depending on the health conditions of the individual

Some people feel more energetic and alert

The temperature during the fermentation of OMX is not controlled artificially

It is done under natural condition/temperature thus requiring 5 years to complete

With this method we are able to produce a high quality probiotic with lactic acid bacteria that have proteolytic power 6.6 times stronger than ordinary ones.

OMX probiotic is unique

The preparation of OMX involves the use of natural organic ingredients and a natural, non-chemical fermentation process unlike any of the destructive synthetic methods used by industry.

As a superior biotechnology product producer, it's inventor Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, succeeded in concentrating 12 different strains of friendly lactic acid bacteria from three groups, within a single OMX capsule.

This novel concentrated form of microbial food supplement contains as many as 59 million live and viable bacteria in each capsule.

The preparation of OMX involves the use of natural organic ingredients and a natural non-chemical fermentation process unlike any other preparation process currently used by industry

The most recent and accurate description of probiotics was undertaken by Fuller (1989) who redefined it as "a live microbial feed supplement beneficial to the host (man or animal) by improving the microbial balance within its body."

OMX probiotics is an award-winning, totally vegetarian probiotic that is hypoallergenic

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