Chlorinated water, is it healthy for the general public ?

Chlorinated water is water from the tap.

Municipality add chlorine to our drinking water, to kill bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine in water is effective and has essentially eliminated the risks of waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery.

Chlorine has been hailed as the savior against cholera and various other water-borne diseases; and rightfully so!!!

Chlorine is a bleach. And drinking water coming from the tap delivered by municipality faucets is actually, drinking a mild bleach solution.

Does your body require any certain amount of chlorine to remain healthy? Is it healthy to drink bleach?

Studies have showed an increased risk of bladder and possibly colon cancer in people who drank chlorine tap water for a long period of time.

Chlorinated treated water will remain the choice of water treatment for experts for a long time to come !!!

Household will need water filters to filter the chlorine in water for health reasons, and we are seeing a huge increase of homes installing all kinds of water filters for the family's drinking need of water.

EPA guidelines allow up to 4 parts per million (PPM) of chlorine in municipal tap water.

In most cases, you will know if the water has too much chlorine, because you can smell it

Let chlorinated water sit overnight, and the chlorine gas will escape.

It is advisable to use Carbon Filtration to remove chlorine.

Most household water filters contain carbon which will neutralize the chlorine.

Specifically, you will need a Granular Activated Carbon Filter (GAC)

Granular Actibated Carbon Filter are common in most water purification products.

For more than a century, the safety of Canadian drinking water supplies has been greatly improved by the addition of chlorine

Disinfecting our drinking water ensures it is free of the micro-organisms that can cause serious and life-threatening diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever

To this day, chlorine remains the most commonly used drinking water disinfectant, and the disinfectant for which we have the most scientific information

Don’t drink chlorinated water ! and don't bathe in chlorinated tap water... if possible.

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