Understanding hydration, and how to stay hydrated . . .

Hydration is about the pH of Alkaline Water

Researchers for alkaline water said: "alkalinity is the factor"

Alkaline water with a high (10+) pH is used by athletes to increase their endurance, and improve workouts

Science has long known that ionized alkaline water hydrates better than ordinary water

Alkaline water’s ability to enhance the flow of water through the body may explain why alkaline water is highly effective at cleansing toxins from the body.

Alkaline water makes it easier for water to pass in and out of the cells, so toxins are washed out and flushed out of the body

For workouts, alkaline water helps maintain athletic performance

Alkaline water can help you recover faster too, by flushing lactic acid from the muscles

Alkaline water contains healthy minerals like calcium, and studies show that minerals are 30% easier to absorb from water than they are from food

Health experts have suggested that it is beneficial to get 10 – 20% of your daily requirements for essential minerals from the water you drink

When you put it all together, ionized alkaline water has a lot of benefits

Better hydration, improved nutrient absorption, pH balance, detoxification, and age-fighting antioxidants.

With all these benefits from drinking ionized alkaline water, why would you bother to drink anything else?

The health benefits of proper hydration are well documented; many people know that doctors recommend drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day.

What many do not know is that when you drink matters just as much as how much you drink!

Knowing when your body needs water will help you reap maximum benefit from the water you drink.

AM Rise and shine!

Drinking a glass or two when you wake up stimulates peristalsis; the process of muscle contractions which move food and wastes through your digestive tract

Stimulating peristalsis first thing in the morning allows your body to efficiently eliminate wastes from meals eaten the previous day

Because alkaline water is micro-clustered, it absorbs rapidly in the body and allows cells to eliminate wastes during the morning peristalsis cycle

Mealtime tips

Drink a glass of water a half hour before mealtime to help your digestive tract prepare for a meal

The stomach secretes digestive acids to compensate for the alkalinity of the water, which then prepares the stomach to efficiently absorb the nutrients from the meal

You should not drink alkaline water during meals as your stomach needs to remain in an acid state in order for you to absorb nutrients

You may drink small amounts of purified water during meals to help you wash your food down

Avoid drinking too much water (or any other liquid) during meals because the excess water will wash away the digestive enzymes that are needed to break food down in the stomach.

Try to avoid drinking alkaline water for an hour after meals in order to allow the stomach to finish breaking down the nutrients from your meal

PM 2 o’clock wake up call!

Many people feel drowsy between two and three in the afternoon and turn to coffee or other stimulants for a quick pick-me-up

What they don’t realize is that the drowsy feeling they are experiencing is due in large part to dehydration!

Alkaline water is well known for boosting energy, and works better than any snake-oil-in-a-can (energy drink) made.

Drink two cups of energizing alkaline water to flush that fatigue and you will finish your day feeling refreshed

Bathing inside and out (don't ask me... WHY?)

Drink a glass of water just before a bath to keep blood pressure down

No one is really sure why this one works but it does!

Alkaline water will clean your insides while you wash your outsides.

Using the acid water produced by home water ionizer machines to wash with will also help your skin tone and complexion

Bed-time Getting ready

Finish your hydration for the day one hour before bedtime

Drink one glass of water an hour before bedtime to replenish the water lost during sleep

Some experts now believe that this one glass of water may save your life!

A glass of water before bed has been shown to prevent heart attacks and strokes

Just don’t drink water right before bed, because then you may have to get up and peeeee . . .

Hydration : Water is the most abundant, yet possibly the most overlooked, substance in the body

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