Acidity body forces the body to borrow from bones

Acidity body are forced to borrow sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, from vital organs and bones to buffer the acid and to safely remove it from the body

As a teenager, the body is alkaline

The body developed a complex mechanisms to ensure that this balance is maintained.

The body must continuously maintain this alkaline state for it to Upkeep a healthy body

In other words the body are natural alkaline producers in our early years

This is why teenagers can get away with eating an imbalanced diet and still be fit and healthy

The body slows down when age reaches forties, fifties and older, so the body will becomes acidic

Acidity body is the root of many common symptoms such as:

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digestive problems,

* constipation,

* heartburn,

* frequent headaches,

* fatigue,

* frequent colds,

* and sleeplessness

The problem is, almost everything we eat and drink are acidic:

(i) fast food,

(ii) can-food,

(iii)bottle drinks, and etc...

The body, and our natural buffer system becomes less efficient and less effective, at neutralizing that acidity...

The body changes from alkaline state to acidic-state

An imbalanced pH affects all cellular activity in the body

Acidity body will lead to most degenerative diseases like:

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# diabetes,

# weight gain and obesity,

# urinary incontinence,

# kidney stones,

# high cholesterol levels,

# cardiovascular disease and heart disease,

# high blood pressure,

# arthritis,

# osteoporosis,

# cancer, and etc...

Acidic water has many beneficial uses

It can improve the complexion of your face, if you use it to cleanse your face

It is a natural astringent, and removes dirt and oil without the use of chemical

Relieves dry and itchy skin without using moisturizer

Expedite the process of healing for:-

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~ cuts,

~ insect bites,

~ rashes,

~ athletes,

~ nail fungus,

~ blisters,

~ acne,

~ eczema,

~ blister.

Use the water for washing hair, and it gets rid of dandruff and keeps you scalp clean

Use it as mouth wash to help removing plaque from teeth

Great water for washing vegetables and fruits

Water is effective for killing bacteria on your meat products

Keeps cut flowers longer lasting in your home decorations

Use externally the water is great for the skin, sanitizing, and healing wounds

The skin is naturally an acid organ

People who regularly use this water to wash their bodies tend to have a younger looking skin than those who use hard water

It works like an astringent to tighten the skin and removes wrinkles, with no chemical residue

It soothes and helps to clear up excess bacteria keeps the skin clear of acne and other blemishes

Don't forget to water your plants at home

Acidic water will promote growth and reduce fungus, with vegetables

Acidity Body promotes lots of problems for the body

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