Water softeners systems exchanges "ions" of calcium and magnesium with "ions" of sodium or potassium

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Water softeners systems are used to treat hard water and required professional plumbers for installation, and should be installed where the water line enters the home.

They work by replacing the calcium and magnesium in the water with sodium or potassium

Water containing high levels of sodium or potassium should not be used for drinking and cooking.

Therefore, a separate cold water line and faucet is usually installed which bypasses the softener.

This allows for drinking and cooking with cold hard water, home water in this case is still tap water or municipal water.

Sodium chloride (a salt),and potassium chloride (also a salt) is used to soften water.

Home softener consist of a brine tank and the filter. Sodium or potassium chloride is added to the brine tank.

Home softener systems are mostly equipped with a meter indicator as reminder of when refills "sodium and potassium" runs low.

Once completed, the calcium and magnesium, dirt and sediments are flushed from the beads and into the drain in a process called backwash.

The main reason for using softener is that heated water forms lime scale deposits.

Scale of calcium and magnesium minerals contribute to the inefficiency of appliances that need water to operate.

Lime scale build-up reduces the life span of appliances and increases the cost of maintenance .

Water operated appliances like water heating system, washing machines, dishwashers are the most affected by the scale buildup.

Hard water is also the caused of dry skin, making a person uncomfortable throughout the day with itching skin

Water pipes can become clogged with scale that reduces water flow and ultimately requires pipe replacement.

Water softeners are commom in households for treatment of hard water, and don't forget "water filters" are necessary for drinking water

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