Water treatment is good alternative for drinking water and excellent health for families

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Water treatment facilities provided by all city and municipality before the drinking water reaches every household is excellent, but there are challenges along the way.

The tap water from the municipal doesn’t always filter all the ground contaminants, chemicals and organisms in the water.

The treated water runs for miles through all kinds of piping system before it gets to your household.

Corrosion in the pipes can add to the pollution of the water.

Sometimes rust can find its way into the water.

There are all types of metallic elements going through these pipes.

The chemicals used to clean the water can also add unpleasant, odd smell and funny taste.

Sure, it is treated water from the treatment plant by the municipal and city, but remember it is making the l-o-n-g-e-s-t journey to your house.

If you have the opportunity to dissect the pipes, see what's there, you'll never drink the water again, period.

Water for drinking and cooking in the household will be better to have an additional home water filter for better taste.

This will ensure that any rust or corrosion from your homes pipes will be kept from the water you and your family drink

The best decision is to use water filters after realizing that tap water isn’t the cleanest and in the world.

Before you start drinking and using the water, you might want to think about adding filter system to all the water that comes into the home

In regards to the family's health, household should install drinking water filters.

The main objective of the home drinking water system, is to purified sediments and chemicals and the carbon filter to eliminate the water's funny smell and yucky taste

Water treatment by the municipality and city is a necessity, but no guarantee of healthy water.

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