Kangen water, alkaline water, micro-clustered water, hexagonal water, ionized water are dinking water that is produced through Water Ionizers

kangen, water, kangen water, alkaline water, kangan water,

Kangen, is the name well promoted by a Multi-level Marketing Company (MLM) of the water ionizer that produce treated water, which is better known as alkaline water also known as ionized water.

The ionizing chamber in an Kangan Brand basically uses the same technology as do all other water ionizers, to split the water into two streams, acid and alkaline

Kangan water is taken as simply another name for ionized water or alkaline water.

This is mainly due to marketing of this brand name:
introducing the equipment and concept of alkaline and acid water to the North American population, who otherwise would not know about the healthful benefits of such treated water.

The only difference is the negative ORP (-ORP) which is "negative ionization"

Network Marketing

The best known authorities in the USA such as:

* Dr. Robert Young (Author of The pH Miracle)

* Dr. Theodore Baroody (Author of Alkalize or Die), and

* Sang Whang (Author of Reverse Aging)

all these professionals recommended the use of water ionizers to treat your tap water

Nearly all water ionizers are manufactured in either Japan or Korea with the latest addition of China

Water Ionizers have been available in Russia and Asia for over 50 years and been introduced into the United States for about 15 years

Millions of water ionizers units are sold in Asia every year, in fact most households in Asia has it own unit of water filtration

It is important to stay hydrated,

But you have to investigated the difference between the different types of drinking water available?

The truth is that not all waters are created equal

Not surprisingly, alkaline water is a wonderful choice for your hydration.

Tap water is affordable, but studies have shown that municipal tap water may contain high levels of chlorine.

Bottled water is more pricey than tap water even though it is often nothing more than well-packaged tap water

Furthermore, bottled water contributes to a concerning amount of plastic bottle waste.

Alkaline water is changing the drinking habit of water

With smaller water molecule clusters than ordinary water, your body will become hydrated

Kangen water ionizer has been been market through Multi Level Marketing (MLM) by Engic Corporation for over 30 years

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