The myth of healthy cooking oil

Coconut oil and palm kernel oil are the healthy cooking oil for your family !

Bruce Fife : "If there was an oil you could use for your daily cooking needs that helped protect you from heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative conditions, improved your digestion, strengthened your immune system, and helped you lose excess weight, would you be interested?"

YES! Why Not!

This is what coconut oil can do for your family

Be prepared to learn about the healthy cooking oil that's for the family

What makes coconut oil different from all other oils, especially other saturated fats?

The difference is in the fat molecule

All fats and oils are composed of molecules called fatty acids

There are two methods of classifying fatty acids

The first system most people are probably familiar with, is based on saturation

We have saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats

The next system of classification is based on molecular size or length of the carbon chain within each fatty acid

Fatty acids consist of long chains of carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached

In this system you have

(SCFA) short-chain fatty acids ,

(MCFA) medium-chain fatty acids , and

(LCFA) long-chain fatty acids .

The vast majority of fats and oils in our diets, whether they are saturated or unsaturated, all derive from animals and or plants

Both the saturated and unsaturated fat found in meat, milk, eggs, and plants (including most all vegetable oils) are composed of LCFA

Oils have been hydrogenated to prolong their shelf life and will not go rancid as quickly as untreated oil

Hydrogenated oil is to make the oils more stable.

When hydrogenated, the chemical structure of the essential fatty acids is changed

They are composed of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA)

LCFA are common in all the foods we take daily

Some 98 to 100% of all the fatty acids we consume daily are LCFA

Hydrogenated oil is made by forcing hydrogen gas into oil at high pressure.

Both animal and vegetable fats are hydrogenated

The more solid the oil is, the more hydrogenated it is.

When hydrogenated oil is made, healthy fats are converted into trans fat

Trans fats are not good for one's health.

Trans fats can make up almost 50% the total fat content in crisco and margarine

Trans fatty acids increase LDL, bad cholesterol

Trans fatty acids decrease HDL, good cholesterol

Medical professionals have already determined that Trans fats are far more damaging than even saturated fats

A diet high in trans fats will result in weight gain

The size of the fatty acid is extremely important

W H Y ?

Because our bodies respond to and metabolize each fatty acid differently, depending on its size

Coconut oil is composed predominately of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)

So the physiological effects of MCFA in coconut oil are distinctly different from those of LCFA

The saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are predominately medium-chain fatty acids, MCFA

MCFA are very different from LCFA

MCFA help to protect against heart diseaseand do not have a negative effect on cholesterol

MCFA help to lower the risk of both atherosclerosis and heart disease.

MCFA in coconut oil makes it special and beneficial and a healthy cooking oil

MCFA comes from coconut oil and palm kernel oil

Healthy Cooking Oil best source comes from coconut oil and palm kernel oil

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