Body Water . . . ?

Alkaline water is your answer to best water for drinking

body water, alkaline water,

Body water...

Alkaline water? Sure! it's the best water in body.

After all we have been drinking water since birth

Because we do not have the time to think and source, we just do what everybody does ... DRINK ! any water

Everybody buys water from every street corners, any water will do

We see colleges students and universities students carrying water

We are thirsty, we are always thirsty

So we drink more water

Understand that water is about 70% of our body weight

This means we carry a big water tank around wherever we go

Understanding this, our brain is 75% water

Our blood, which is the main source of life moving around our body is 83% water

Our bones, which is solid contains 22% water, would you believe it

Our muscles, the body engine that turns energy into motion is 75% water

Our kidneys, which do all the filtering process carries 82% water

What we hear, drink 8 glass of water a day

This means drink alkaline water constantly throughout the day

To be more specific, divide your body weight by half, and this will give you the exact number of glasses of water you have to drink daily

To simplify it, we drink half to one glass of water every hour

Don't just drink, fill you mouth with alkaline water and it'll mix with your saliva before you swallow it, slowly !

The body is three-quarter (75%) water, sure needs lots of alkaline water to keep fit

Various tissues of the human body are between 75% and 95% water

This water is used as transporting nutrients and other substances in the body

Alkaline water is one of the ways that the body created energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Transmission of nerve impulses and neurotransmitters is heavily dependent on alkaline water

Alkaline water holds the cell membranes together allowing greater efficiency of proteins and enzymes

Meaning, a more efficient metabolism, specifically sugar metabolism, the immune system, and the body's detoxification

On a normal, inactive day the body losses approximately five to six glasses of water through kidney filtration, producing urine for excretion.

The body looses approximately, another three to four glasses of water through the sweat and respiration

Body water or "water in body" is what we are all about and if it's water we need . . . alkaline water for sure

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