Pure water is alkaline water . . . eight glass is enough

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Pure water, drinking 8 glasses of water per day

To achieve an enhanced level of health we must consume more than 8 glasses of clean water daily. Why...?

Look at the food we ate, processed and preserved. the daily lifestyle we have, hectic and stressful.

Water is our body's only way to flush toxins and acidic wastes out of our system

Today we have choices of spring water, alkaline water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water and hundred more, all package as bottled water for our convenience.

Offices and retail centers have water coolers to make sure we drink enough water.

If your choice is alkaline water or spring water, then make it a point slip constantly from the bottled water throughout the day.

WATER is about 70 % of the human body weight

The Brain being 74 %,

Blood 83%, Bones 22%,

Muscles 75%, and Kidneys 82%

Your Health largely depends on what you drink !

An increased intake of alkaline water will greatly enhance digestion‚ nutrient absorption‚ skin hydration‚ detoxification and improve our health, in every aspect.

These days, water coolers and water filters are a blessing, to make sure everybody drinks enough water. Every street corners sell water for consumers.

We are thirsty, always thirsty and we drink and drink, all the time. Some drink coffee and tea some drink juices.

Please pay more attention and understand, that as far as body chemistry is concerned, water and fluid are two different things

Coffee, tea, soda, alcohol and milk all act differently in the body than water and are not hydrating.

Caffeine and caffeine-like substances dehydrate the body.

They cause you to urinate more than the volume of the water contained in the beverage.

Even some herbal teas act as diuretics - eliminating water from the body.

Alcohol causes the kidneys to flush out water and are thus dehydrating

Alcohol causes brain-cell dehydration that manifests as a hangover after alcohol consumption

If you are a milk drinker it should be considered a food

It is made up of proteins which are solids

Infants who receive formulated milk instead of mother's milk need more water in their diets to compensate for this

The human body is a water machine‚ it runs on PURE WATER

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